Demolition & Clearing jobs in Leeds

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Demolition & Clearing Jobs in Leeds (completed jobs only)

Demolish Timber Shed & Clear Ivy
Demolition & Clearing job in Leeds
Demolish timber shed in back garden , Clear ivy overgrown over shed & remove. Access through passageway between mid terrace properties
Hi. We have recently taken down an old greenhouse, that was build atop a low wall. We now want to take down this wall, which is attached to our single garage. Obviously we would want this to be done tidily so the garage doesn't have half-bricks jutting out. The height of the wall is approximately 80cm, and the entire length of the section we want to be taken down is around 5 metres. We are also considering bricking up a window in the garage, if that is a job you could also take on. Thanks, John
break up large sandstone block 3ft by 2ft
Demolition & Clearing job 11 miles from Leeds in Wetherby
break up large sandstone block 3ft by 2ft which is partially blocking stream
Demolish & remove timber shed, base & swings
Demolition & Clearing job 40 miles from Leeds in Malton
Demolish timber shed (8'x10') and timber swing set in back garden and remove
Demolish and evacuate garden shed and contents
Demolition & Clearing job 33 miles from Leeds in Sheffield
Demolish wooden garden shed 3x3 M and dispose of contents. Access via a front gate
Demolish wooden shed and remove wood
Demolition & Clearing job 25 miles from Leeds in Sheffield
Take down potting shed 6ft by 8ft and take away
Demolish concrete garage
Demolition & Clearing job 47 miles from Leeds in Beverley
Demolish concrete garage (6.7x3.3x2.3 approx) :- 11 reinforced concrete uprights with concrete inserts. Timber doors main and side, 4 glass windows. Remove all waste and make good concrete base. Existing corrugated asbestos roof to be removed by others.
Demolish breeze block outhouse 6ft x 12ft.
Demolition & Clearing job 38 miles from Leeds in Swinton
I have a breeze block out house. I want two of the walls leaving up as they are boundaries between my side and back neighbours. The building was built into these walls originally. I want the rest demolishing. It is covered in Ivy. The roof is wooden plank. The size is 12ft x 6ft and access is 2.9 metres.
Demolish 2 brick water features. Remove gravel & path.
Demolition & Clearing job 48 miles from Leeds in Golborne
Demolish and remove 2 raised brick water features from back garden, each is approx 3m x 3m wide and 0.4m high. Remove approx 6m x 5m area of gravel from garden. Dig up and remove a 6m long 1m wide path, made of fake railway sleepers (each 'sleeper' is actually made of concrete). Remove 2 mains electric lamp posts from garden (1m tall). Thanks :)
Demolish a 6x4 shed and take away
Demolition & Clearing job 38 miles from Leeds in Salford
Demolish a 6x4 wooden shed and dispose of in 3 weeks
Demolish brick shed
Demolition & Clearing job 41 miles from Leeds in Manchester
Demolish brick shed 2x2m and clean waste
Demolish shed
Demolition & Clearing job 28 miles from Leeds in Ashton-under-Lyne
Demolish large bespoke shed in Mossley (yard of terraced house). Also remove the brick base and possible groundwork needed afterwards. Skip etc can be arranged by us if needed.
Demolishing an old wooden greenhouse
Demolition & Clearing job 28 miles from Leeds in Burnley
Demolishing an old wooden greenhouse
demolish conservatory
Demolition & Clearing job 35 miles from Leeds in Sheffield
demolish large wood conservatory which has small brick wall for its base and remove all rubble
2 x sheds and rubbish clearing
Demolition & Clearing job 28 miles from Leeds in Doncaster
Have 2 garden sheds needing demolition and taken away also with a fair amount of rubbish and tyres from Doncaster
demolish and dispose of an 8ft x 6ft wooden summerhouse
Demolition & Clearing job 175 miles from Leeds in Cardiff
Demolish and dispose of an 8ft x 6ft wooden summerhouse.
Remove old rotten decking & flatten area for grass
Demolition & Clearing job 201 miles from Leeds in Southampton
Just moved into house. Old rotten decking in garden. Would like replaced with grass. There is a big bag of soil left in the garden that could be used to level the area after the decking is gone. Need services to remove the decking and dispose of it, and level the area so we can put turf or seed it. Thank you
pergola demolition and removal
Demolition & Clearing job 177 miles from Leeds in Grove Park
4 wooden posts cemented in with wooden struts across the top to be dismantled and disposde of
Demolish brick shed and remove rubble
Demolition & Clearing job 95 miles from Leeds in Halesowen
Demolish brick shed and remove all waste shed size roughly 8x4 foot
Taking down a glass greenhouse
Demolition & Clearing job 165 miles from Leeds in Reading
Taking down a glass greenhouse and disposing of it.