Damp proofing jobs in Wallsend

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Damp proofing Jobs in Wallsend (completed jobs only)

Damp wall inside property
Damp proofing job 8 miles from Wallsend in Blaydon
Small damp patch on one wall needs looked at
Damp patch on bedroom wall
Damp proofing job 247 miles from Wallsend in Islington
I have damp in my bedroom wall do not know where it’s coming from would like someone too Have a look
rising damp on three walls
Damp proofing job 240 miles from Wallsend in Mill Hill
Ground floor maisonette. Owner. Two bedrooms affected. Three walls with rising damp.
damp corner in upstairs bedroom - swollen plaster
Damp proofing job 243 miles from Wallsend in Tottenham
One corner of the upstairs bedroom is damp an a bit swollen. It is on the wall that is semi-detached so exposed on the other side. I have looked for the cause with no luck so far. Drains are clear and no entry point for water - looks too sever for condensation but need an expert to assist and hopefully quote for repair.
Damp wall in wooden conservatory
Damp proofing job 266 miles from Wallsend in Reigate
Damp inside conservatory near top of wall due to rotting window sills / woodwork exterior. Looking for best solution.
damp proofing multiple walls
Damp proofing job 232 miles from Wallsend in Ipswich
Recently purchased house has severe damp in kitchen and back bathroom walls.
Membrane to concrete floor in 2 areas + damp in loft wall
Damp proofing job 299 miles from Wallsend in Dorchester
Membane and screed to porch concrete floor area 1m x 2m and Membrane and screed to lean To area 2.55m x 1.38m. Also thereissime damp in a loft end wall. Tha property is a Bungalow which l am buying so l am keen to get this work costed Thanks
damp proof wall
Damp proofing job 294 miles from Wallsend in Bournemouth
render plinth needed. Possible repointing. French drain and chemical damp proof
Damp wall in lounge and landing
Damp proofing job 246 miles from Wallsend in North Kensington
Top floor flat, damp around one window in lounge and on corner of landing also near window
damp wall in bedroom
Damp proofing job 271 miles from Wallsend in Maidstone
very cold front of house upstairs bedroom wall has damp issue-not evidence of downstairs
Paint bubbling on the walls and wet to the touch
Damp proofing job 260 miles from Wallsend in Croydon
The small bedroom in the flat is seriously damp with the paint on 2 sides of the wall bubbling and water coming out of the bubbles.
Damp wall in bathroom
Damp proofing job 264 miles from Wallsend in Caterham
Areas Of wetness on Bathroom walls . Not sure of cause ... needs resolving
Water seeping through into my front room
Damp proofing job 204 miles from Wallsend in Bedford
Last week when we had rain, I noticed that the front side of my front room wall was wet. Water had seeped through, leaving a wet area in the wall of my front room
damp wall in basement
Damp proofing job 245 miles from Wallsend in Clapton
small areas of damp on 1 wall and ceiling in small basement front porch area. Steps above have had waterproof paint painted on them.
Water penetrating brick work over landing window,needs water
Damp proofing job 120 miles from Wallsend in Warrington
In heavy rain water penetrates the brickwork over a landing window and seeps inside,I want area over window treating with Water Seal of some kind.
Dpc injection and french drains
Damp proofing job 254 miles from Wallsend in Middle Park
Injections front and back of house and extra drains added at back if house
Cold spots on wall
Damp proofing job 250 miles from Wallsend in Rotherhithe
I think we have cold spots on one side of the wall in our house. I do not know the cause.
Damp wall all over the house
Damp proofing job 255 miles from Wallsend in Mitcham
All outside walls, damp above skirt boards and corners
Damp wall in kitchen
Damp proofing job 293 miles from Wallsend in Folkestone
Small area of damp to one wall in kitchen. Only recently noticed after tiles were removed for new kitchen installation during which the walls were scummer.
Damp in lounge wall
Damp proofing job 256 miles from Wallsend in Southend-on-Sea
Area of damp on rear wall of longe below window Requires rectification