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Plumbing Jobs in Bridgend (completed jobs only)

Saniflo toilet & washing basin
Plumbing job 12 miles from Bridgend in Abercynon
I need to be install a saniflo toilet and washing basin in one of my bedrooms on the 3rd floor. The toilet will be under the gas boiler. There are cold and hot water pipes and wastage pipe 32mm. The boiler is in small cabin which has to be extended with about half meter and to be made with noise insulated walls. I need to discuss with a plumber what kind of saniflo macerator and toilet to buy before the job to be started. I think that the best way is the plumber to come and see what job has to be done or I can send pictures. Thank you for looking my advert!
Replace leaking gate valve
Plumbing job 18 miles from Bridgend in Cardiff
An old gate valve on a pipe that is part of my central heating system is corroded and leaking. The valve is part of an earlier heating system installation and i don't think it is even needed with my current combi boiler... So it can be replaced or removed. The leak is small but causing pressure loss in the system. The valve looks too corroded to be repaired but perhaps this is also possible.
Leaking toilet
Plumbing job 22 miles from Bridgend in Swansea
Repair leak
Problem with Grohe toilet.
Plumbing job 22 miles from Bridgend in Swansea
Water seepage into toilet pan after toilet has stopped flushing
remove and replace indoor toilet system
Plumbing job 24 miles from Bridgend in Pontypool
supply and replace upstairs toilet system
Supply and fit toilet cistern.
Plumbing job 41 miles from Bridgend in Bristol
I need a new toilet cistern fitting in my bathroom.I would like the cistern to be white & to have a handle flush in stead of the button type I have at the moment. Preferable day Saturday.
Replace Toilet, Basin & Kitchen Taps
Plumbing job 47 miles from Bridgend in Bristol
Remove close coupled toilet, replace with new one. Remove pedestal hand basin, replace with vanity unit. Replace kitchen taps. I have the new toilet and vanity unit plus the kitchen taps.
Fit towel rail in bathroom
Plumbing job 41 miles from Bridgend in Bristol
I would like my bathroom radiator replaced with a chrome towel rail. Please provide an estimate for the job
leaky bathroom sink tap @ main piping
Plumbing job 44 miles from Bridgend in Lydney
as above
Kitchen cold water tap
Plumbing job 47 miles from Bridgend in Bristol
No water coming out of the cold water tap in kitchen. All other taps are working fine in bathroom etc.
Locate leak in passage ceiling and fix it.
Plumbing job 145 miles from Bridgend in Mitcham
Identify where leak is coming from. Then stop it. then ceiling and walls would need to be repaired / plasterd / painted
Fit a new toilet
Plumbing job 123 miles from Bridgend in Milton Keynes
To replace a toilet
Kitchen sink
Plumbing job 310 miles from Bridgend in Bonnybridge
Kitchen sink leaking Needs re sealed
To install new toilet and bathroom sink.
Plumbing job 149 miles from Bridgend in South Norwood
Install new sink and toilet and if possible service gas boiler Good deal please resident terminally ill. Please respond via text or email
To move a radiator from one wall to another in the same room
Plumbing job 153 miles from Bridgend in Bromley
To move radiator
Replace toilet siphon
Plumbing job 303 miles from Bridgend in Glasgow
Looking for quotes for replacing a siphon on a single flush toilet. Thanks!
Remove old washing machine, install new one
Plumbing job 151 miles from Bridgend in Deptford
We would like our old washing machine removed and disposed of, and a new one installing. The current washing machine is freestanding and underneath a work surface. The new one needs to go in the same place.
Fit downstairs toilet
Plumbing job 256 miles from Bridgend in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Replace existing toilet with new one. Toilet already purchased.
Leak from Gerberit toilet cistern only when filling
Plumbing job 312 miles from Bridgend in Larbert
Apparently a known issue, doesn't happen with the smaller flush, only when cistern almost completely drained
Blocked toilet
Plumbing job 302 miles from Bridgend in Paisley
Toilet not clearing properly when flushed