change a shower mixer

  • Plumbing
  • Camden Town
  • Posted 12th Apr 2017

Need this ASAP as the shower is not mixing hot and cold water well. the water is only coming out as cold. We have hot water in the flat and the boiler was checked. The water pressure was significantly increased as we switched over to a new mains connection yesterday. Boiler repairman has come and checked the functioning of the boiler. Need to change the shower mixer or change the cartledge in side the mixer.
Positive Review for Anthony Rose on 13th Apr 2017
I contacted Anthony because I needed to repair my shower after I lost hot water. This work took place after regular work hours. He was very prompt, courteous and professional. He takes pride in his work and his work is of high quality. He communicated with me well and helped me prep so that when he arrived to do the actual work, everything was ready. I will be using him again and I highly recommend him.