Eden - phase 1a

  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Lewisham
  • Posted 14th Oct 2017

Rear garden:
Rebuild small section of garden wall using fallen bricks & purchase new ones if necessary.
Remove old fence panels to replace with new to align with main gate. Cut down & remove tree from premises.
Cut down two bushes from rear garden & remove from premises.
Dismantle shed & remove it & contents from premises.
Positive Review for Closed on 4th Nov 2017
Kirk came to clear my garden (no small task) & he did a wonderful job. He came just before 07:00hrs, removed my dead & tree, demolished the shed & disposed of the contents, replaced part of my fence with a beautiful material to match the door. He removed the tree stumps, used a rotavator with a heavy duty weed killer. By completion you could see just how large my garden is. Kirk gives the industry a great name. As this was phase 1, I'll definitely call him back for phase 2. Many thanks Kirk.