general repairs and new bathroom

  • Plumbing
  • Hadleigh
  • Posted 24th Apr 2018

We have a severe leak under the kitchen sink, apparently it is the actual tap but we cannot undo it to change the washer.
Also would like a new whirlpool bath, sink and loo in the upstairs bathroom. It is a small room but have found a corner bath (1200mm) that will fit.
Lastly would like a hot tap fitted to the outside wall outside the kitchen.
If price is reasonable and there is enough left in the kitty we would like to change our shower cubicle and tray as well.
Positive Review for Anthony Rose on 15th May 2018
Anthony is a great guy, he works hard and the quality of work is good. We had a few set backs with materials etc but he carried on late into the evening just to make sure that the job was done on time. Hoping to have him back to do our kitchen in a few months. Excellent!!