Repair/replace shed roof covering + outside cupboard doors

  • Garages & Sheds
  • Banbury
  • Posted 13th May 2020

I need the tarpaulin cover on my shed roof repaired/replaced. Would also like a quote for replacement of outside cupboard door. May not be able to afford both at once but shed needs repair and quote would be good for when i can afford that job as well.
Positive Review for Jnrproperty Maintenance Service on 20th May 2020
Very good job done. Arrived early and repaired shed roof to a condition that is better than when the shed was first put up. Jason is now in the process of providing a quote for additional work so I was happy enough to use him again straight away after completing his first job for me. If I ever have the means to pay for any future work to be done I think that I would check with Jason as first choice before going online to find others.