Make good a garden wall. New wall built but left unfinished

  • Brickwork
  • Leeds
  • Posted 16th Aug 2022

I had a front garden wall built but the builder wasn’t reliable and the wall is not what I wanted. What is done is fine but it needs making higher . I have the materials which were left but really need someone reliable who can advise me on the best way to finish the wall and make it look good.
Positive Review for Job 'r' Us on 18th Aug 2022
After a so-called builder made a total mess of a new wall, Ian not only made it look normal, he made it look completely new. Ian is very professional and really explains what needs doing. Just about rebuilt the wall and almost doubled it in height in less than 5 hours. Had 3 compliments already and he’s only been gone an hour. I would definitely recommend Ian and his team and not hesitate to make him my go to builder for everything.