Repair a retaining wall in a terraced garden

  • Brickwork
  • Forest Hill
  • Posted 21st Jan 2012

We have a retaining wall approximately 4-4 1/2 feet high by 12 feet wide. The facing wall is brick with a breeze block inner wall. The wall continues at a right angle, bordering paved steps leading to the terrace above. On the other side of the steps is a much shorter section of wall in a mirror image.

The lower terrace is decked. The upper terrace is turfed and level with the top of the wall and it rises toward the rear of the garden.

The brickwork has come apart at the corner with movement of around 2 inches. There is loose mortar between the paving slabs. There are some cracked bricks in the shorter section of wall.

Positive Review for Eco Build London on 14th Mar 2012
Zibi provided a detailed quote and the work was completed promptly to a very high standard. He repaired and reinforced a cracked retaining wall, stabilised leaning concrete fence posts, repaired the fence panels and damp-proofed our external wall. He also rebuilt the foundations under the side and bay window of our house when we discovered that they were degraded. We left the keys with him and found him to be trustworthy. I would thoroughly recommend Zibi and his team.