Assorted Plumbing and Heating Jobs

  • Plumbing
  • Southfields
  • Posted 6th Mar 2012

We need the following jobs done:
1, Bathroom tap is loose - needs to be tightened
2, One radiator isn't coming on - maybe new thermostat needed? Investigate and solve please
3, Bath tap needs new washer - NOTE this is a very awkward job as it's a free-standing jaccussi bath and you have to dismantle it to get at the taps.
4, Jaccussi motor sounds weird - and doesn't jacussi the water any more - husband suspects it's clogged with hair - please clear/fix
5, Macerator for our en-suite is making a weird noise - needs to be investigated and fixed.

Ideally I'd like these all fixed on Friday the 16th of Marh
Positive Review for Aps Building & Plumbing Services on 21st Mar 2012
Norick and Gerry responded to two jobs I had posted on MyWorkman - the first was to replace some travertine tiles - see separate feedback and the second was a whole range of plumbing/heating jobs - from fixing a macerator and changing washers on taps to getting the pump working on the jacuzzi bath again. All the jobs they completed and they worked cleanly and without fuss to get the work done. The Pump on the bath required a part to be ordered and they came back to refit that too. Many thanks.