Part P qualified rewiring immersion heater

  • Electrical fitting
  • Clapham Junction
  • Posted 18th May 2013

Looking for a Part P qualified electrician to do some wiring work for our immersion heater. The hot water tank has two x 3kw immersion heaters. Both the immersion heaters currently work by being individually plugged into the electrical socket which is on a separate circuit that is dedicated to the immersion heater. The socket was added to allow choice of the two immersion heaters.

There is currently no timer switch. The electric supply to the flat is economy 7.

The job is:

1. Replace the current electrical socket with a double pole switch

2. From this double pole switch install a digital immersion heater 24 hour timer (simple daily timer without the complex 7 day facility). Hardwire one of the immersion heaters to this timer.

We would like the second immersion heater available as back up when the first heater burns out but we are uncertain how this could be wired into the system. We would like to hear your proposal for this with associated cost.

Ideally a choice of one or the other heater can be chosen as we do not want both heaters to be on at the same time as this will blow the system. If this is not possible, the second immersion heater will simply remain unconnected and act as a spare however we would prefer the backup option.

Please allow for providing:

A double pole switch (of suitable amp).
A simple digital 24 hour immersion heater timer.
Anything else necessary (please specify).

We are landlords so we will need an invoice for the work.
Positive Review for Aps Building & Plumbing Services on 4th Jul 2013
Will who works for Norik came to carry out the electrical wiring for our immersion heater and did a very good job. He suggested a good timer to suit our needs. I would highly recommend APS Building Services for their quality of work. They have carried out a few jobs for us now and have always done a great job at a competitive price every time.