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I supplied toilet fittings eg toilet,sink,shower cabin,3 ready built units and radiator, 8 new drywall boards and joining strips and and 6 tubes of sealant , ceiling panels , and flooring boards, Job required full rip out of old bathroom and fitting of new walls in good condition no plasterwork required, new door be fitted also, I suppied skip also and cost to hire I was not advised of that only 1 man was doing job. And not advised of time scale. after job was started stated after he did not work weekends he also started mid week Wednesday, job now at 10 days. final straw was added costs, not in quote, ?2500 also now to be completed due to he is waiting on a part he damaged and is replacing, taking a further 3 days. What can I do and what are my rights, I feel I have been ripped off.

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If you looking for cheap person always happen that. You can take him out of the Job and give to someone else.if already paid you can take him to court if you can proof that.
19th Dec 2017
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If you agree a day rate with a tradesman purely for labour then it should be for an anticipated amount of days and for a finite amount of work.
Most problems occur when there is nothing in writing, so the tradesman assumes they are doing x amount of work and the client assumes they are getting y amount of work done.
If you agree to supply ALL materials then you really do have to supply a wide range of materials from screws, to silicone, to adhesive, to timber to plumbing fittings. These things can all add up, but the tradesman should not be expected to pay for these materials from their wages. The same goes for parking etc.
We do approx 10 bathrooms a year and most bathrooms take us 3 weeks to complete. I would be onsite virtually every day and do most of the plumbing and carpentry myself and I would have the help of a labourer for at least a week and a tiler for about a week. We do not work weekends and we only stay late (after 5pm) if there are issues to resolve.
Hope this helps.
25th Feb 2018
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united build ltd
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unfortunately on this stage you can't do anything except don't give him anymore money until he finished his job,if you have written agreement with him then may be you take him to court.

United Build
27th Jan 2018
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With all our customers we offer a full written quotation from our original site survey/visit with work to be carried out within a 7/10 working days. we do state in our quotation for anything that we may come across that could affect our work would be discussed with our customer at that point and price to be agreed or if you change your mind E.G tiling which can add extra time on your project, which is very rare and has happened. We ask for a 1st payment towards the cost of materials and a 2nd payment when at 50% completion with a final payment once our work is completed and you our customer are happy. If you are not happy with your work it would be worth discussing amicably with your chosen contractor/tradesman the points you are not happy with and try to try resolve or contact your citizens advice bureau.
5th Dec 2017
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Very sorry to hear what you gone through, I feel you initially need to call the guy and have a sit down, and discuss it vey carefully as emotions could on whole make things even bad.

See what the guys have got to say and ask the questions directly, I don't see you with any rights here part from asking for the job to be completed as soon as possible and asking them firstly for you home back.
4th Dec 2017
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Did this person give you a contract to sign stating what he was going to do and how long it the job was going to take and if a part has been broken this person needs to replaced it his own time and this person cost
Ten days is to long for a bathroom
Trading standards needs to be contacted to advise your rights

10th Mar 2018
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This project
About 7-9 days
Labor prices from 1300-1600
Depended for work
Please answer
8th Feb 2018
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10 days is an avarage time to fit a bathroom,pay the money nexst time get a fixed quote.
24th Feb 2019
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Pipe Dreams Services Ltd
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I assume you had a quote that detailed what work he was to complete and materials he was supplying and what you were supplying. If any extras were completed I assume then you agreed a price before he did them?

If you did the above you only have to pay him quote amount and agreed extras.

Unfortunately mistakes do happen but he cannot claim for loss days waitng for a replacement part he damaged.

If you had an estimate then that is different as he can alter the price but not usually by more than 15%
1st Apr 2019
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Looks like you did not ask correct questions initially. But ask for a breakdown.
10th Jul 2019
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