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Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Member Since: 3rd Jul 2017


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About Us:

We're a small business based in Stoke on trent. We keep prices low and quality of service high. With over 10 years experience.our experiences run from brickwork to tilling wall building to painting and decorating. We take on small jobs to large. That large infact weve recently completed a hotel refurbishment.


Since starting out our services have gone front strength to strength and our ability and skills are ever growing.


4 reviews, 50% Positive
Draining excess rain water outside the house - Drainage & Guttering job in Stoke-on-Trent

“Mark responded very quickly and seemed enthusiastic to get the job done. On near completion, Mark was waiting for a part to arrive, he gave me his bank details with the agreed payment. Since he nearly completed the job, in good faith I paid him the full amount. Mark promised he will send me the invoice and also tidy up some of the work he left untidy. From that moment Mark has disappeared. I have sent him emails, but not a word came back. I am so disappointed!! He is not to be trusted- SAD:(”
Single storey barn conversion - Brickwork job in Uttoxeter

“It is our opinion that Mark is not a bricklayer.”
Paint 3 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms and a kitchen - Painting & decorating job in Stoke-on-Trent

“Very nice guy,expalins all aspects of the job, but we have had to cancel due to budget. I do recommend him.”
Replace carpet with vinyl in bathroom - Flooring job in Newcastle-under-Lyme

“Very helpful and efficient communication from Mark, good price and the offer seemed like really good and thorough service. Unfortunately I had to cancel before the work was done, but I would definitely use Lms again in the future.”


Good evening to repoint the wall and clean out all the old mortor your looking at no more than 300
Good evening weather they are starting out as new business or an old one who is just looking for part deposit to go towards materials as a rule with anything like that i wouldnt ask for anything more than 15/20% of the complete value of the job. if you feel the need you could offer less say %10 and do payment stages as the work progresses
Always used a good well known company that has bathroom paints. it might be bit more expensive than normal paint but it will last much longer than normal. also when using bathroom paint i also like to add an additive that prevents any mould as bathrooms are always prone to moisture
Rember the trades have to spend there time fuel and running costs when we go get grout sealant ect so if your looking to save a few quid and some job time listen to the trade's and see what they want and see if you cango get it for them ready to start the works
There are no requirements for thickness in partition walls unless for split residential purposes. but i generally use 6x3 for the stud work then plasterboard either side. for the inch your looking to try save think about the quality and how the wall will be treadted as in a years time you dont want to find it being to flimsy for what you require
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