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Hi, we are a small family run business based in airdrie, we carry out high quality jobs at very reasonable prices. All types of work undertaken are as follow- Monoblock, Slabbing, Kerbing, Dropped Kerb and all Tarmac work. References can be given from previous satisfied customers.

We never ask for any money upfront as we don't believe this is how to run a business, we only ask for payment when job is completed to the customers satisfaction.


I started in the groundwork side of things from the age of 16, learning monoblocking and Kerbing, as time went on I then decided to gain more experience in the tarmac side of the industry, I have now being completing high standards of work in all fields of construction for 10 years, I decided to set up my own business around 2 years ago, although very challenging I enjoy the day to day experiences of dealing with customers and leaving high quality jobs.


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Full back garden upgrade - Landscape gardening job in Airdrie

“Couldnt thank Thomas and his men enough. My garden was a swap and he completely renovated it and exceeded my expectations. The team were always on time and pleasant. I had ideas for the garden and worked with Thomas on getting the most out of it. Highly recommended and couldn't be happier.”


Hi, i would advise you to have a word with the contractor stating that the paving is moving and you would like them re-laid on a wet mix bed. if you don't ask for the work to be redone the slabs will get worse as time goes on, especially with the cold weather approaching.
Hi, it should be down to the contractor to excavate the area taking caution, if they damage or burst anything during the excavation then the blame falls on them, they should be covered with liability insurance to cover the cost.
Good chance it could be when your home was being built, same as new builds nowadays, a lot of leftover materials are thrown in the garden area then covered with soil when the gardens are being turfed.
Hi, as its a small area i reckon a contractor would charge a shift rate instead of a price per m2, probably be looking at £250-300.
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