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Hiya I am Michael I am 35 years old.
I am s self employed decorator.
Been a decorator now for 9 year
I do painting and decorating for the council.


Its been 9 years now since i started to decorator. Started by painting people's window sills and window frames then I went on to 2 and 3 bedroom houses.now I work on council properties.


1 reviews, 100% Positive
2 bed house - Painting & decorating job in Padiham

“Michael painted my two bedroom house for me all white and a did a feature wall in each room. Was on time so time keeping was good. Friendly. Clean and tidy and reasonable prices for two bedroom house.will be using again thank u ”


I would say the price is a bit high £200 for the room with two coats and £300 with the wood work
As a decorator i use a roller then my brush
If you didn't apply enough layers, you might find your walls looking patchy, with bits of color showing through from the old finish. to correct this common mistake, let the paint dry completely, and then follow up with a second coat, or as many as necessary to get that nice finsh you want
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