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We at CrazyGlaze, with over 25 years experience in the windows and doors trade, understand that customers are sick and tired of false discounts, dishonest salesman and above all, poor customer service. We at CrazyGlaze pride ourselves on honest and genuine quoting, above all we strive to give the customer the best possible service. As we pride ourselves on reputation. We supply and install.


20 years old i started in this industry. I have evolved more as a person inside the industry throughout the years. 16 years of knowledge.


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The black rubber seal is called the "gasket". it is fixable if the windows are of a reasonable age. this would require a service engineer to come out and take the glass out the frames and then re-gasket for you. hope that helps.
I would recommend having your pointing done first. this way any cement that is dropped will be on your old windows. if you had windows and doors replaced then, pointing done after this, cement would get all over your new frames and door.
Yeah no problem at all john.
No distinct difference in todays market on profiles.
Yes, it will most likely be the coldest part of the house. changing from wood to either pvc or aluminium will help. but you will most likely also need a dehumidifier to clear the air.

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