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Hi, my names Carl. Im a carpenter with over 20 years experience in all aspects of carpentry. Over recent years i have focused entirely on kitchen installations. I started with an apprenticeship back in the ninetys and progressed from there. I pride myself on an eye for detail and thoroughly believe that quality over quantity and speed is better although speed is what I have gained through experience. The photos that I have added are a very small portion of my actual work as it is not an easy process to upload photos on this site. Thanks


NVQ 1,2+3 Carpentry
NVQ 3 Supervision and Management in Carpentry
Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme
Various other Certificates and Tickets available on request


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you want to baton it out first then put a breathable membrane onto the batons with staples then go ahead and osb it. hope that helps
find the angles with a sliding bevel which you can then transfer to a mitre saw. trying to do this by hand will be next to impossible. take the angle of the two corners which should be 45 degrees so you know that’s one guide but then you have to find the rising angle. use the sliding bevel to find this and then divide it by two. this is the degree that you are looking for. hope this helps
i am assuming the doors are finished? i mean oak veneered ? is this why you don’t want to cut into the door ? you actually need to take maybe 2mm off of each side. all doors weather finished or not have a small tolerance for removal. it’s usually 3mm each side on the length and 10mm top and bottom. pack the hinges back out because if you go too deep then the hinge will not be able to do its job and it’ll make the door spring open or split the timber on the door or the frame and over time it will pull away. hope this helps

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