Electrical fitting jobs in Newport

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Electrical fitting Jobs in Newport (completed jobs only)

small electric job
Electrical fitting job in Newport
ceiling fan switch replaced in Bathroom and kitchen, electrics added to bathroom and outdoor socket to be fitted.
Fit a new light in living room
Electrical fitting job 3 miles from Newport in Blackwood
Fit a new light in the living room
Remove and refit new security light
Electrical fitting job 6 miles from Newport in Pontypool
Security light has stopped working, I would like to replace it
Rewire upstairs lighting
Electrical fitting job 5 miles from Newport in Caerphilly
Electrical fitting job 9 miles from Newport in Pontypridd
Need a quote for rewiring lights in a 2 bed house.. don't need the sockets doing.. 6 lights in all.
Install extractor fan
Electrical fitting job 10 miles from Newport in Ebbw Vale
Kitchen is in need of an extractor fan
Replace ceiling mounted pull cd switch for electric shower.
Electrical fitting job 14 miles from Newport in Abergavenny
Small ensuite shower / bathroom. Ceiling pull cord for shower has jammed/ failed and needs replacing.
light fittings
Electrical fitting job 18 miles from Newport in Barry
Strip lighting in kitchen one flashing intermittently possible starter unit or strip light needing replacement also lightbulb holder housing has become brittle and fallen away preventing light bulb being held in position
Replace extractor fan
Electrical fitting job 27 miles from Newport in Bristol
Replace bathroom extractor fan which is in the attic. Length of vent tube (which we have) also needs to be replaced.
Wire up new electric cooker
Electrical fitting job 37 miles from Newport in Swansea
To wire up 6mm cable to back of cooker and test
8 kitchen downlights 3 not working. Earth bond needed on gas
Electrical fitting job 42 miles from Newport in Gloucester
3 down lights not working also need earth bond on gas meter
Electric socket outside
Electrical fitting job 27 miles from Newport in Bristol
Exterior electrical socket to be installed
Change two light fittings
Electrical fitting job 38 miles from Newport in Bath
Change kitchen light fittings in two separate flats (in the same building).
Electrical works
Electrical fitting job 25 miles from Newport in Thornbury
Need 4 external security lights replacing. None of the three spotlights in the en suite work.
Connect underfloor heating thermostat to mains
Electrical fitting job 45 miles from Newport in Malmesbury
The bathroom in our top floor flat is being refurbished. Insulation boards and an under-tile heating cable have been laid and are ready for testing and connection to the mains. The cable is still exposed and has not been sealed in or tiled over yet. The cable was attached to fibreglass matting but the shape of the bathroom made the matting unusable, so the cable was detached from the matt and laid on its own, but following the manufacturer’s instructions on laying loose portions of the same cable. All our existing circuits run from a consumer unit, through the roof space and down the internal partition walls which are all metal stud and plasterboard. We have roof space access if we need to run a new circuit back to the consumer unit which is approximately 4 metres away from the thermostat at the opposite end of a corridor. However the consumer unit is on an exterior wall and so the roof space access above it is very restricted. It’s tight to the eaves and enclosed by a fire barrier. It would be quite tricky to get through to the consumer unit position in the roof space, with almost no room to work when you get there. Although obviously we’d prefer not to have a visible cable running down the corridor if we can avoid it. If possible connecting to an existing circuit via a fused spur would be much easier, but I don’t know if this is allowed? The heating cable is 2 square metres of 150W cable so only 300W. We have an LCD programmable thermostat and a back box for it that hasn’t been fitted yet. The heating mat cable and sensor have been run back to an approximate thermostat location outside the bathroom. At the moment the cables are just hanging out the wall, we haven’t made any cut-outs in case anything needs to move. The thermostat position is close to various existing circuits which serve the electric central heating, heating programmer, towel rail, sockets etc. What we need is someone to advise and then make a suitable connection to the mains and test the heating before we tile over it. Must be part P registered and include to issue the paperwork to building control, and sign off the warranty for the heater.
Storage Heater
Electrical fitting job 42 miles from Newport in Corsham
Supply and fit replacement night storage heater.
Fitting neon strip in garage
Electrical fitting job 49 miles from Newport in Westbury
points and swiches in kitchen
Electrical fitting job 33 miles from Newport in Dursley
New kitchen/utility room needs 5 extra double points 2 isolating switch points for cooker and 5 lights and switches wired. I will carry out wall chasing for trunking and making holes in wall for boxes, so just need wiring connected and certified so must be Part P.
2 wall heaters and door intercom not working
Electrical fitting job 132 miles from Newport in Manchester
2 wall heaters - that lay back to back on each side of a wall - will not turn on. This issue has occurred before and at that time, it was a broken wire to the main fuse box (close by). Also, the intercom buzzer doesn’t work in the upstairs unit but again, this happened before and the issue was a wire connecting to the fuse box.
Outdoor electrical assessment and repair
Electrical fitting job 159 miles from Newport in Chatham
We have outdoor electrics, fed through an 18mm cabling and in its own sour/box, which is now blowing. Also need new electrical system for other parts of garden