Fencing jobs in Kingsbridge

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Fencing Jobs in Kingsbridge (completed jobs only)

Replace backgate
Fencing job 17 miles from Kingsbridge in Plymouth
I need someone to replace my back-gate to my back garden. The old door is not only rotten but un-usable. So I need a door and someone to replace the frame (which is also rotten)
40m of rail/post fencing for garden
Fencing job 19 miles from Kingsbridge in Plymouth
After an affordable and reliable tradesmen to put in fencing for our front garden to deter tresspassers who use it as a short cut! It is around 40m and we would like wooden rail fencing .
Two loose fence posts
Fencing job 252 miles from Kingsbridge in Burnley
Two loose fence posts that are making the fence bow need strengthening again
disposal and erection of new fencing
Fencing job 234 miles from Kingsbridge in Bolton
fence panels with gate attached.
Need 1 new post and double slatting wood fence.
Fencing job 392 miles from Kingsbridge in Cumbernauld
Would like a double slatting fence roughly about 25 - 30 feet long and a new post.
supply and fit 10 fence panels
Fencing job 142 miles from Kingsbridge in Bromyard
Remove old fence panels and posts. Supply and fit 11 posts, 10 gravel boards and 10 fence panels in a straight line down one side of the garden. We can dispose of the old fence panels and posts.
repair to rear garden fence
Fencing job 80 miles from Kingsbridge in Barry
Repair damaged panel fence to rear of garden
1 panel of fencing
Fencing job 176 miles from Kingsbridge in Harrow
1 panel of fencing needed due to a damaged panel - no gate required
2 damaged fence panels blown down
Fencing job 177 miles from Kingsbridge in Harrow
Two-three fence panels blown down and damaged and need repair/replacing and at least one new post
panel fence replacement following wind damage
Fencing job 173 miles from Kingsbridge in Kenilworth
Two fence panels have become separated and bowed in the high winds as the connecting post loosened. Unsure if repair is possible, likely replacements required. Like for like would be 1*6ft and 1*5ft I think. However, it may also make sense to replace all the panels (5 or 6) on that side of the garden and improve the overall sturdiness.
One fence panel replacement and small repair to other panel
Fencing job 113 miles from Kingsbridge in Southampton
One 180cm x 180cm panel replacement to be slot between existing concrete posts, no gravel board (existing panel rotten and bowed) and small repair to edge of another panel where it has come away from post….i have photos of all of this if helpful
One fence panel to be erected with posts at boundary
Fencing job 188 miles from Kingsbridge in Wanstead
Where the front gardens joins back there has been a Feb s Isabel but that’s broken down would probably need a couple of wooden posts erected and new fence panel
Broken fence panel need replacement
Fencing job 102 miles from Kingsbridge in Bristol
Panel fence required replacement in one side of garden 4/5 panels, about 10m length
Partial replacement of panels and posts on back garden wall.
Fencing job 183 miles from Kingsbridge in New Cross
Partial replacement of 2 -3 panel fences and posts on a solid back garden brick wall which blew down in the wind. As I'm on a budget am able to assist if one man is doing the job.
wooden fence 1 gate
Fencing job 402 miles from Kingsbridge in Stirling
1 gate roughly 17metres Height roughly 1.8 metres
fence one side of garden
Fencing job 175 miles from Kingsbridge in Wimbledon
panel fence for 15m garden one side
Fit 1 new damaged fence panel and take away old one
Fencing job 258 miles from Kingsbridge in Pontefract
Replace one damaged fence panel and take damaged one away
Gate post and gate repair
Fencing job 243 miles from Kingsbridge in Huddersfield
The gate post has rotted and collapsed, and needs replacing, and the gate needs to be rehung.
fence erected
Fencing job 176 miles from Kingsbridge in Birmingham
Have a small area approx 22'x 6' needs a 3/4ft fence with gate to keep dog from getting out.. will buy fence ect just need advice and fitting.
Replace 4 fence panels
Fencing job 193 miles from Kingsbridge in Bedford
Posts are fine apparently. Just need 4 panels replaced.