Unblock bath drain, replace washers and sealant

  • Plumbing
  • Finsbury Park
  • Posted 29th Feb 2016

The bath drains very slowly and needs to be unblocked as chemical unblockers have not worked. The taps have to be turned off very firmly to stop the taps dripping and so I think the washers need to be replaced. The sealant on the top of the bath, sealing the gap with the wall, is old and needs to be replaced. Finally, there is a small drip from the back of the toilet which also needs to be sealed. The work needs to be done on THURSDAY MORNING please as this is the only time I can stay home. Thanks.
Positive Review for Dx Build Ltd on 3rd Mar 2016
Dexter did all the work quickly and efficiently and left no mess behind him. He had to go to a local hardware store to get a part for the taps and he was back in no time. He has a quiet, relaxed manner and doesn't make a drama out of a crisis so I'd be happy to employ him again.