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KG Decorating is a family owned and operated painting and decorating service. Serving most of northern Ireland, With 12years+ experience. Free estimates, and special rates for OAP's Residential or commercial all jobs inquiries are welcomed.


I started my trade in 2006, finished my apprenticeship in 2008, And by 2010 I had started up my own business. I had been working on my own for 3 years with subs here and there. I Now have 3 staff.


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Emulsion shouldnt normally need removing from the wall, unless the wall is in bad order, flaking or peeling. a good scrape and sand will be sufficient, and a sealer coat can be used after to prevent flaking occuring again. if thin wallpaper is to be used i would recommend lining the wall first with appropriate grade lining paper
Hi there, it seems like the bare plaster hasn't been sized (sealed). you should scrape and sand any loose paint, then use 2 seal coats, watered down emulsion can be used or builders pva, then 2 normal tops coats. never paint or wallpaper on bare plaster that hasn't been sealed properly. paint will peel and the paper will be extremely hard to remove
3 coats of white should do it, i would have suggested a white or grey undercoat before if the top colour was different. there is also zinnzer undercoat but expensive, but as its white 3 coats will be enough to cover the black. 1 under coat zinner stain block, 2 coats white
Unfortunately it will need repainted in those spots. if not the hole wall. the oil based will need cleaning of with suitable cleaning product, sugar soap can be used to remove the oil. then a primer may also be needed to insure there is no bleed threw
Hi there, unfortunately it's going to be a difficult task. wood chip is old school paper and il assume it's been on for atleast 20years. it will be stuck like glue. a good sharp scraper and gloves. wood chip can and will cut. it will more than likely damage some parts of the walls. it's pretty much unavoidable. once all paper is removed the walls will need cleaned, filled then sanded for the smoothest finish. the walls can be skimmed or lined for a smoother finish then painted

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