Brickwork jobs in Melton

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Brickwork Jobs in Melton (completed jobs only)

Remove 4ft drive bruck pillar and rebuild 3ft to the right.
Brickwork job 35 miles from Melton in Castleford
As short description
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 43 miles from Melton in Newark
Repair garden wall, cars hit it and knocked it over, it hasn't smashed it to pieces, it's in one big lump that could be reset back into position
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 44 miles from Melton in Newark
An old stone and brick wall needs repair and shoring up. Some stone has blown out making it unstable
Make good a garden wall. New wall built but left unfinished
Brickwork job 47 miles from Melton in Leeds
I had a front garden wall built but the builder wasn’t reliable and the wall is not what I wanted. What is done is fine but it needs making higher . I have the materials which were left but really need someone reliable who can advise me on the best way to finish the wall and make it look good.
rebuild a wall
Brickwork job 37 miles from Melton in Goldthorpe
Need a back wall built after a van hit my wall and drove off - can't open my gates
Brick up a window
Brickwork job 20 miles from Melton in Thorne
To brick up a window
replace small front Garden wall and add fencing to the walls
Brickwork job 42 miles from Melton in Leeds
The Small front wall Taking down and rebuilding in Red Engineering Brick . We will require a timber fence which you cannot see through around the perimeter of the front wall and side walls.
Installation of a new lintel over an existing external door
Brickwork job 28 miles from Melton in York
A new lintel is required to be fitted over an existing external door before a new door can be fitted.
Repair outside house wall following removal of through wall
Brickwork job 23 miles from Melton in Selby
Following replacement of through the wall oil boiler there is a gap in my wall which needs put right on both sides .
Rebuild top front of garage wall, approx. 10 x 3ft
Brickwork job 43 miles from Melton in Barnsley
Top front of garage wall is crumbling, needs rebuilding, plus some re pointing of same wall, approx 35 bricks. ASAP.
Loose bricks in wall
Brickwork job 33 miles from Melton in Pontefract
Loose bricks in extension wall
Build retaining garden wall
Brickwork job 42 miles from Melton in Barnsley
Build 2ft high 60 ft long retaining wall at bottom of sloping back garden
remove bricks and fit case for gas meter to be moved outside
Brickwork job 42 miles from Melton in Barnsley
my elderly mum is having her gas meeter put outside and we need to bricks removing and the outcase for the gas meter to fit in ready for when Cadent then move the meter from inside to outside
remove small leylandii and small wall
Brickwork job 48 miles from Melton in Pudsey
Remove about 8 2.5m leylandii Remove 1m x 8m brick wall Re-lay 8m x 1m size patch of blocks to slightly lower level
Clean guttering and repointing
Brickwork job 50 miles from Melton in Bradford
Gutter needs clearing and there is an area of approx 1.5m beneath that needs repointing.
Brickwork job 46 miles from Melton in Leeds
Repair/replace external yard wall
Small brick wall needs repair
Brickwork job 42 miles from Melton in Barnsley
Including copings
Repair stone wall
Brickwork job 47 miles from Melton in Batley
Hi, when I bought my house the for sale sign was pulled out with a bit too much enthusiasm so a lot of the stone has been dislodged. I would appreciate quotes for a repair. I am happy to send pictures so you can view the damage. Thanks
Chimney stack bulging
Brickwork job 41 miles from Melton in Barnsley
Take down and rebuild chimney stack
repair wall
Brickwork job 45 miles from Melton in Sheffield
need someone to repair top of wall that that has fallen away