Brickwork jobs in Stockport

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Brickwork Jobs in Stockport (completed jobs only)

Fitting coping stones
Brickwork job in Stockport
Fit 30 coping stones and a pillar post
Rebuild garden brick wall
Brickwork job in Stockport
Rebuild garden wall that has been knocked down partially and some pointing on the house.
I have a half brick / half UPVC porch at the front of my house which surrounds my front door. The brickwork is also tied into the bay window. I would like the porch removing and the brickwork altering on the bay window to make it good please. Thankyou.
Remove part of wall
Brickwork job in Stockport
Want part of frontage wall removing, to allow easier access to park.
replacement bricks
Brickwork job 3 miles from Stockport in Manchester
I need some bricks replacing under the front window that have started to erode away.
build block walls internal either 140mm single skin or 100mm double block 16 mtrs long 5 metres high , Knock throughs and make good all scaffold and materials will be provided all work is indoors need 2 bricklayers asap if interested on site Monday 22 to go through and price
refitting coping stone on garden wall
Brickwork job 5 miles from Stockport in Droylsden
To fit already sourced stone coping on low garden wall to replace stolen ones. Having difficulty finding someone prepared to do this job, need a quote for my insurance also.
make existing small wall higher
Brickwork job 4 miles from Stockport in Manchester
wall between 2 front garden paths needs to be made higher, wall is about 20-22ft long topped with coping stones but we would prefer a brick finish. dog leg kink in wall near the front doors, ex council house.
Brickwork job in Stockport
Brickwork: replace existing wooden fence with a quality brickwall. 30m long / 2m high, square pillars.
Raised curved flower bed
Brickwork job 7 miles from Stockport in Manchester
Terraced property with small front garden need curved wall behind existing wall to form raised flower bed
Rebuild back door step
Brickwork job 6 miles from Stockport in Manchester
Step at back door needs knocking out and rebuilding to make it safe for an elderly couple. May need a hand rail installing too if possible
Rebuild garden steps
Brickwork job 7 miles from Stockport in Stalybridge
Rebuild steps in back garden and steps at side of house but with a slight change of layout.
Front garden wall repair/possible rebuild
Brickwork job 6 miles from Stockport in Sale
Front garden brickwork damaged due to cellar conversion work. Not sure whether to repair or rebuild; depends on cost.
rebuild leaning front garden wall
Brickwork job 9 miles from Stockport in Swinton
front garden wall leaning badly... need a quote at this stage so we can save towards it being our next big house job
Outside doorway brick up
Brickwork job 9 miles from Stockport in Eccles
Closed off outside door needs bricking up outside only and a few missing bricks on wall replacing
Heater to be took out and bricked up
Brickwork job 6 miles from Stockport in Ashton-under-Lyne
To take heater out and bricked up and lagging in and plaster 2ftx2ft
Brickwork job 10 miles from Stockport in Oldham
Rebuild 8 steps at front of house
Rain water leaking in through downstairs wall, not guttering
Brickwork job 9 miles from Stockport in Manchester
Rain water coming in through brickwork to internal wall, think it's just above the lintel in front room that needs sealing & pointing. Upstairs rooms/walls ok so thats what makes me think it's not guttering related.
Rebuild terraced house backyard etc
Brickwork job 6 miles from Stockport in Altrincham
This is really three separate jobs: 1) Renovate brickwork to front of house: - Clean all the brickwork on the front of the house up to the roof line, and re-point where necessary. Also fix leaky gutter above front door if possible. 2) Repair exterior window sill: - Excavate the decayed stone sill under the bedroom window to the rear of the house, and insert sloping bricks to match the other windows. 3) Remodel back yard: - Take down the existing rear garden wall and outhouse as per the plans; remaking the roof of the remaining shed section with the existing slates, at a lower height and different angle. - Re-use the bricks to build a lower garden wall of the same thickness, as per the plans. - Remove the old raised bed and barbecue in the back yard and use all spoil etc. to raise the level of the main back yard section by approx. 400mm, with a step down to the garden as per the plans – supplying extra hardcore if necessary. - Build two steps up to the kitchen door as per the plans. - Cement render the full length of the shared back yard wall. - Lay supplied paving over the newly raised area and all steps. Please take a look at the drawings of the back yard at Thanks, -Mat
Build a garden wall approx. 7m x 1m high
Brickwork job 19 miles from Stockport in Wigan
Remove old steps and build a wall in front of the conservatory and include a new set of steps. The wall will support a flag walkway in front of the conservatory and the steps go down into the garden.