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Decorum are building contractors.

For Conversions, Refurbishments, Renovations.Also Smart home projects and all Electrical works.

We offer solutions for your jobs large and small.

Professional, Insured and Reliable.


Decorum is a design and installation contractor.
Over the years we have grown from our origin as a Building contractor to incorporate Electrical and Home Technology in our projects.
We look after your project from start to finish, whether it is adding a socket, a complete Garage conversions or a Home Cinema.
We understand that your job is important to you and our team brings professionalism and performance to make sure you are delighted with the end product.




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Cooker - Electrical fitting job in Loughborough

“Very helpful with doing the cooker thank you very much will recommend to friends and family definitely ”


Depending on the type of lamp , it may have a transformer in the ceiling which is where the problem is. or you may have a faulty lamp. even new lamps can be faulty , so it may be worth trying a lamp in another fitting to prove it works first.
The fuse board ( consumer unit) specification applies to when it was fitted. new boards have a higher spec than old ones but do not need to be upgraded unless they are dangerous or more capacity is required. when you change circuits or add new ones the whole board needs to be tested and certified. because of this it is often worth changing the board at the same time to make sure that it is as safe as possible with the existing installation.
The age of the board is not the only factor, if the case / lid is damaged or there are other signs of wear it may need changing. the regulations don't require the board to be updated as a matter of course and 10 years isn't long in the life of a board generally, but bear in mind the newer boards are made with all the advances of the latest safety technology.
Hi, the range is normally £100 - 150 depending on the age of the property and the number of circuits.
The range for a board change is normally £350 - 600 depending on the number of circuits and the complexity. without knowing the details it would be hard to judge whether there any other issues involved or factors affecting the pricing.
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