Replacing a fuse board when adding sockets and extractor fan?

A tradesman who has quoted me for a Kitchen refit job has said I need to replace my fuse board because I am doing some work at mine which involves adding 2 new electrical sockets, fitting a bathroom extractor fan and upgrading the electrical cabling to the hob/oven from the existing freestanding cooker. But the electrician who did some work on my property about 1.5 years ago said this is incorrect and that my fuse board wouldn't require changing? So I don't know which one is right? What specification does my existing fusebox have to meet in order for it not to require replacement? Many thanks :)))

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All current fuse boards should be RCD protected & be made of a non combustible material as per 18th Edition (so Metal Fuseboard is required)

And new circuits installed should be signed off via NICEIC or equivalent with local building authority notified. Alway make sure the electrician carrying out any work on your home is registered and qualified to do so otherwise you may have alot of headaches later on down the line.
28th May 2019
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well . good question. i would need to see the fuse board. but would state , if the board is a (17th edition one)with TWO rcds. and some spare ways then it should not be a problem . if however the board is an older one with fuse wire or mcbs and NO RCD PROTECTION . then yes it needs to be changed . for your own saftey
28th Jun 2019
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Hi it all down to if you have enough circuits in your existing board to be able to install the new circuits, which means is there two spare ways in your current board to a coma date that. Thanks heads up electrical
4th Aug 2019
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Building Maintenance Services
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Is not necessary to change the fusebox if is in good condition,and is passing the test, for additional sockets, fan ,and oven just need a minor certificate work or nothing just the job done ....
19th Aug 2019
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normal dont need exchange
i fit loads of kitchens and even if i put a whole new ring in very rare to have to change the board.
31st Aug 2019
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Depending on your sockets eletrical circuit, you may need to add additional circuit especially if they fall outside the sqaure metre total set by eletrical standard BS7671.
In regards to the extractor fan in bathroom that can be added to the light circuit of your bathroom lights so it will engage when you turn on your lights or independently.
In regards to your cooker, a cable calculation may be needed to see if your current cable is sufficient to power it.
Finally by current standards all fuse boxs need to enclosed by metal casing.
7th Oct 2019
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If your fuse board is update to 18th edition regs then you wont need to. Ifs it metal then it's fine if its plastic then needs changing
4th Sep 2019
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Pte maintance
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Your fuse board only needs changing if it's old and dated
8th Oct 2019
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PSH Electrical
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Any new circuits must be rcd protected and the fan in the bathroom must be ,both these could have separate rcd protection instead of changing the fuse box , if you have rcd protection I don’t see why it would need changing .
6th Nov 2019
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Any new wiring or additional points installed to any property should be accompanied by a relevant NICEIC certificate (Minor works or Installation certificate). For the certificates to be issued the circuit/s that have been altered or added will need to comply with the regulations stated in the current edition of BS7671. So the following will have to be in place to insure safety.
- Main earthing conductor.
- Main Bonding conductors to Water, Gas or Oil services.
- Distribution board must be able to provide the following:
1. RCD protection to the circuit altered or added,
2. Have no signs of thermal damage.
3. Not be damaged in anyway.
4. Have a suitable spare way for any additional circuit added.
5. MCB's should be of the same make as the Distribution board so that they fitting securely to the - If a circuit is altered or added to it should pass the inspection and testing process required.
3rd Nov 2019
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no your fusebox does not need replacing it would only need replacing if you do not have enough space in it if you need to put a totally new circuit in it.
4th Nov 2019
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ITD Electrical
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The short answer is you don’t need to change it as it was complying with the regulation at the time of install
1st Dec 2019
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Initially a condition report should be conducted on your consumer unit and fixed wiring. Results from this test would tell you if your wiring/installation is up to current standard BS7671 and if it complies with regulations.
Also, if your consumer unit is at full capacity (does it have the capacity to add another circuit without causing damage to the existing installation) then yes it would have to be replaced purely on the fact that it cannot accommodate an additional circuit.
I hope this helps.
22nd Jan 2020
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Avison Electrical
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Any additional works have to meet the current regulations. This means that the sockets you wish to add must be RCD protected. If your consumer unit doesn’t have RCD protection then there is a couple options available to you.
You may be able to get an RCBO that will fit into your existing consumer unit which will suffice as the circuit being worked on will be RCD protected.
You could have a new circuit wired from a new RCD enclosure
Or you could have the entire existing consumer unit replaced but before you consider replacing the whole consumer unit I would recommend that you have an electrical installation condition report carried out as this will highlight any issues you may have within the electrical installation. If you don’t have this done first then you could end up having issues with the the RCD’s and nuisance tripping due to an underlying issue and any faults highlighted once work has already started will have to be rectified before you can get the work signed off and a certificate issued.

Hope this helps a little

5th Jan 2020
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The fuse board ( consumer unit) specification applies to when it was fitted. New boards have a higher spec than old ones but do not need to be upgraded unless they are dangerous or more capacity is required. When you change circuits or add new ones the whole board needs to be tested and certified. Because of this it is often worth changing the board at the same time to make sure that it is as safe as possible with the existing installation.
10th Jan 2020
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Your fuse box has to meet atleast the 17edition as your fuse box has to be RCD protected.

The recommended size of your fuse box has to be in tandem with the size of your house. For instance you might need a 6, 10,or 16 way populated consumer unit. Basically if your consumer unit isn't RCD protected then your need an upgrade or a replacement
29th Jan 2020
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Hi, if your consumer unit was only upgraded 1.5 years ago then it is not a requirement to upgrade. The regulations have changed since then so now we have to fit an SPD (surge protection device) and the box it self has to be metal. Since your existing consumer unit is only 1.5 years old then no change is needed, and however is doing your building work should test their work were they shall document the consumer unit. So you are aware a consumer unit is guaranteed to between 5-10 years. Hope this helps
4th Mar 2020
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Brick house builders ltd
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You don't have to change fues
Box if it have 2rcd in it.if there is not space to add 2 circuits then they need to buy small fues box to add new circuits in.
11th May 2020
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Electrician is correct, You are not adding new circuits so space in the consumer unit isn't affected you are adding points to existing circuits. Trust the electrician rather than a kitchen fitter as he wont know regulations as well
26th May 2020
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