Brickwork jobs in Puckeridge

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Brickwork Jobs in Puckeridge (completed jobs only)

To rebuild damaged wall
Brickwork job 10 miles from Puckeridge in Stevenage
A car hit our brick pillar on our drive and I need to get a quote to rebuild it please
Airbrickes to be fitted
Brickwork job 9 miles from Puckeridge in Stevenage
I need about 3 to 4 air bricks fitted
front door steps
Brickwork job 18 miles from Puckeridge in Chingford
Remove the old, front door, steps - they are not safe - coming away from the core, and build new sturdy steps, five in total; wider than the existing steps (now 2m wide) and shallower, if possible. The highest step is apx 1m off the ground. Brick base and concrete slabs on top. Thanks.
Repair or rebuild brick pillar damaged by ivy and split.
Brickwork job 13 miles from Puckeridge in Hitchin
Brick post has been damaged by ivy and split horizontally half way up. It needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Small but urgent job.
garden wall
Brickwork job 19 miles from Puckeridge in Saint Albans
small garden wall to make gateway 1m high
small retaining garden wall
Brickwork job 13 miles from Puckeridge in Cheshunt
approx 15 feet x 3 feet, double thick
rebuild the small garden wall
Brickwork job 24 miles from Puckeridge in Dagenham
It is small front garden wall , single brick with 4 courses high . It is around 10m long ,rectangle shape enclosing small planting area. It need to be rebuild completely as it is falling apart .
repair garden wall and small house wall repair
Brickwork job 21 miles from Puckeridge in Walthamstow
There are several loose sections of brick in the garden wall that I would like to have re-laid. I also would like a hole in the side of the house repaired where the old boiler exhaust came through.
rebuild small section of a collapsed boundary wall
Brickwork job 37 miles from Puckeridge in Worcester Park
Rebuild a very small section of a collapsed boundary wall in front of a house, knocked off by a car
build small wall
Brickwork job 32 miles from Puckeridge in Greenhithe
approx 7 bricks high a) 2.5 mtrs approx b)4.0 mtrs approx
gable end
Brickwork job 43 miles from Puckeridge in Buckingham
Rebuild half of a gable end. Scaffolding in place. Reuse bricks sand and cement on site. Urgent
Rebuild part damaged garage wall
Brickwork job 37 miles from Puckeridge in Croydon
Rebuild part damaged garage wall done by car hitting
dwarf garden wall to extend out patio- small job
Brickwork job 41 miles from Puckeridge in Maidenhead
Small job to extend an existing patio by approx2.5m on a raised dwarf wall (also to extend )The wall will be c 2m -3 courses high. Bricks and slabs already on site
Garden Wall Rebuild
Brickwork job 30 miles from Puckeridge in Leighton Buzzard
Side Garden wall separating 2 properties has collapsed due to rotten cement at base. Wall is about 5 feet long and 3 foot high.
Rebuild small wall and reset patio steps (2)
Brickwork job 43 miles from Puckeridge in Wellingborough
Back garden wall cement has failed and needs redoing and 2 patio steps need relaying and cementing
Coping brick on top of a wall
Brickwork job 31 miles from Puckeridge in Dartford
Lay coping bricks on the top of a retaining wall in the front garden approx 50 bricks wall 5m long.
Build base (3 courses of engineering brick) for stable block
Brickwork job 47 miles from Puckeridge in Watlington
Need to lay around 900 bricks to form base of replacement stable block. Comprises mostly external (215mm) walls but also two internal (102.5mm) walls. Laying onto existing concrete slabs that have expansion gaps and slight differences in height (around 15mm in one case), so some will require care in laying in out to achieve a good finish.
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 41 miles from Puckeridge in Epsom
Garden wall 9 metres long - over 30 years old and now crumbling. Remove all old brick wall and replace with new bricks and remove all waste material
Building a dividing wall in dense concrete blocks
Brickwork job 48 miles from Puckeridge in Clacton-on-Sea
Building a straight line of concrete blocks 20m long x 4.5m tall at the apex. Two windposts have already been fitted to tie into.
Rebuild small garden wall
Brickwork job 46 miles from Puckeridge in Northampton
Rebuild garden wall 6mtrs x0.9mtrs in back garden due to storm damage