Brickwork jobs in Rainworth

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Brickwork Jobs in Rainworth (completed jobs only)

Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 6 miles from Rainworth in Newark
Repair garden wall, cars hit it and knocked it over, it hasn't smashed it to pieces, it's in one big lump that could be reset back into position
Knock down and build garden wall small end terraced house
Brickwork job 12 miles from Rainworth in Nottingham
To knock down old brick wall, front of house at pavement and build new, at terraced house
Brickwork job 10 miles from Rainworth in Nottingham
demolish and rebuild blockworkabout 13 square yards
Rebuild garden wall
Brickwork job 13 miles from Rainworth in Newark
An old stone and brick wall needs repair and shoring up. Some stone has blown out making it unstable
rebuild garden wall pillar
Brickwork job 48 miles from Rainworth in Stoke-on-Trent
one of the pillars of our garden wall had broken at the bottom and now lying on side.
Repair low garden wall where brick column post is leaning
Brickwork job 43 miles from Rainworth in Atherstone
Repair a low garden wall there end brick column is leaning owing to wear and previous impact. Has detached from the wall Height is approx. 2.5 feet high.
Block part of garden wall
Brickwork job 37 miles from Rainworth in Leicester
My neighbour has a pitbull that comes into my garden. There's a small gap that he comes through and I need it blocked because I have a young son. Right now I don't feel safe.
Rebuild a pillar
Brickwork job 36 miles from Rainworth in Leicester
Rebuild the front pillar of a house after a car crash and replace the metal gate
Fitting coping stones
Brickwork job 48 miles from Rainworth in Stockport
Fit 30 coping stones and a pillar post
Archway is falling down
Brickwork job 48 miles from Rainworth in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Top part of brick arch is beginning to fall down
rebuild a wall
Brickwork job 28 miles from Rainworth in Goldthorpe
Need a back wall built after a van hit my wall and drove off - can't open my gates
Brick up a window
Brickwork job 33 miles from Rainworth in Thorne
To brick up a window
replace small front Garden wall and add fencing to the walls
Brickwork job 48 miles from Rainworth in Leeds
The Small front wall Taking down and rebuilding in Red Engineering Brick . We will require a timber fence which you cannot see through around the perimeter of the front wall and side walls.
rebuild garden wall and re-attach gate
Brickwork job 26 miles from Rainworth in Loughborough
Rebuild front garden wall which has partially fallen and reattach to sets of gates
Rebuild garden steps
Brickwork job 46 miles from Rainworth in Stalybridge
Rebuild steps in back garden and steps at side of house but with a slight change of layout.
Repair outside house wall following removal of through wall
Brickwork job 44 miles from Rainworth in Selby
Following replacement of through the wall oil boiler there is a gap in my wall which needs put right on both sides .
Rebuild garden brick wall
Brickwork job 46 miles from Rainworth in Stockport
Rebuild garden wall that has been knocked down partially and some pointing on the house.
Rebuild top front of garage wall, approx. 10 x 3ft
Brickwork job 34 miles from Rainworth in Barnsley
Top front of garage wall is crumbling, needs rebuilding, plus some re pointing of same wall, approx 35 bricks. ASAP.
Front garden wall and gate required
Brickwork job 45 miles from Rainworth in Nuneaton
New Garden Wall required at front of house,with small pointed spokes. Also garden gate attached to wall. Roughly wall around 1 meter High.
Loose bricks in wall
Brickwork job 38 miles from Rainworth in Pontefract
Loose bricks in extension wall