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Demolition & Clearing Jobs in Coleraine (completed jobs only)

Patio wall removal
Demolition & Clearing job in Coleraine
Hi, I have a wall around the back patio area (10m Lx 70cm H x 15cm D) with three upright sections (40cm x 40xcm x 70cmH), all covered with coping stone which I would like broken up and all rubble removed. Could you give me an indication of what the cost would be (all in) plus length of time to complete work. Thank you ERICA
Demolishing an old wooden greenhouse
Demolition & Clearing job 199 miles from Coleraine in Burnley
Demolishing an old wooden greenhouse
Brick Wall Breaking & Clearance
Demolition & Clearing job 365 miles from Coleraine in Stoke Newington
Hi, Would like a quote on the demolition of a partially collapsed brick wall at the front of our property. The wall is 3m wide and 1m high.
garden decking removal
Demolition & Clearing job 107 miles from Coleraine in Glasgow
to dismantle and remove decking and debris in and around it. it is approx 4m x 8m.
Loft Clearance
Demolition & Clearing job 350 miles from Coleraine in Slough
Hi we need the boards taking up in our attic and disposing of. Some are nailed down or too large to get through the loft hatch so will need cutting. It would take 2 people 1 day/ 1 person 2 days. Slough area.
Remove a small lump of concrete from lawn area.
Demolition & Clearing job 397 miles from Coleraine in Maidstone
I have a small lump of concrete, about 12" in diameter that I'd like removed or flattened out so I can cover it with soil to lay turf over the top. It sticks up about 6" or so. It looks like it was concrete used to put up a rotary washing line. I'd like it removed before Friday 13th, if possible.
Clear a loft space of insulation and other debri
Demolition & Clearing job 213 miles from Coleraine in Queensbury
To clear a small loft space of all insulation and debri ready to be boarded for storage.
Demolish Wooden Garage and remove rubbish
Demolition & Clearing job 205 miles from Coleraine in Durham
Demolish Wooden garage and remove all rubbish.
demolish and remove garden shed wooden 7x6ft
Demolition & Clearing job 201 miles from Coleraine in Durham
shed size 7x6ft with corrugated four panels of aspestos demolish and remove shedfrom garden 7x6 ft shed roof as four panels corrugated aspestos fixed to shed frame
Removal of garden decking
Demolition & Clearing job 105 miles from Coleraine in Newton Mearns
Dismantle and remove the wooden decking to the rear of my semi bungalow. Access is just via my conservatory - through doors at the side of the property. Looking for a rough guide to cots
dis mantel and remove 7ftx5ft greenhouse
Demolition & Clearing job 192 miles from Coleraine in Wirral
Demolish and removal of wooden garden shed 6 X 4
Demolition & Clearing job 217 miles from Coleraine in Bradford
Apex wooden garden shed 6 X 4 requires demolishing and removal please.
Demolish and remove existing shed, size 6ft4.
Demolition & Clearing job 377 miles from Coleraine in Chislehurst
Demolish and remove existing shed, size 6ft4.
Dismantle concrete garage and brick outhouse (no asbestos)
Demolition & Clearing job 281 miles from Coleraine in Leicester
I had the asbestos roof removed from my garage. I now want the garage dismantling and possibly concrete base removal. Also possible removal of outhouse on back of property which is brick with concrete roof, with wood and glass.
Demolition & Removal of concrete garage only (not the base).
Demolition & Clearing job 282 miles from Coleraine in Coventry
Concrete garage needs dismantling and all debris removing from back garden. The garage is put together in sections. The concrete base is to stay.
Dismantle and remove 8 by 6 foot garden shed
Demolition & Clearing job 87 miles from Coleraine in Troon
As above
Demolish and clear wooden garden shed (10ft x 8ft)
Demolition & Clearing job 225 miles from Coleraine in Leeds
Looking to demolish and clear a 10ft x 8ft garden shed. The shed is wooden with some glass panels and is significantly weather damaged. All waste must be removed. The site has easy access and suitable parking for a van.
shed / rubbish disposal
Demolition & Clearing job 251 miles from Coleraine in Cannock
Hi I have a redundant shed with a collapsing roof and need this taking down and disposing of, there is some further rubbish /timber behind the shed that also needs removing,
Removel of old decking & shed
Demolition & Clearing job 322 miles from Coleraine in Westbury
Remove 6x3 mtrs of old decking and old small garden shed. Can arrange skip if required. Many Thanks
demolition and removal of garden shed 220cms x 150cms
Demolition & Clearing job 202 miles from Coleraine in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Removal of garden shed 220cms x 150cms