Drainage & Guttering jobs in Keighley

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Drainage & Guttering Jobs in Keighley (completed jobs only)

Repair leaking drainpipes
Drainage & Guttering job 13 miles from Keighley in Pudsey
Need repair of two drainpipes around back of house which leak water on to house, to prevent development of damp. One is a downpipe and one is across
Fall-pipe top elbow joint to replace
Drainage & Guttering job 17 miles from Keighley in Huddersfield
In the strong winds overnight, the square style elbow joint has blown off into the garden. I have the elbow joint. Job would need refitting and cementing of joint to pipe top and gutter. Also requires one additional wall clip fitting to prevent as much movement in the wind.
new drain from soak away to main drain
Drainage & Guttering job 19 miles from Keighley in Huddersfield
I have had a garage conversion done which has a small utility room in it. The washing machine empties into a drain which overflows, spilling out into my back garden. I had it checked and was told that the drain is actually a soakaway. I need a proper drain putting in from the soakaway to the main sewer, which would involve lifting the flagging in the back garden and returning it to its current state.
Stench pipe to be secured
Drainage & Guttering job 18 miles from Keighley in Harrogate
The fixings holding the stench pipe which reaches to the top of the two storey building appear to have come loose. the fixings need to be inspected and secured.
To replace the missing bracket.
Drainage & Guttering job 31 miles from Keighley in Swinton
The bracket is missing so when the pipe is filled with water, the weight pushes out and some of the water spilled out instead.
Clean inside of gutters
Drainage & Guttering job 40 miles from Keighley in Wigan
Gutters overflowing so need cleaning out of any moss etc. Detached house Ashton in Makerfield
seal gutter
Drainage & Guttering job 31 miles from Keighley in Swinton
To seal gutter to stop leak
replace aging gutterng and facias etc
Drainage & Guttering job 36 miles from Keighley in Stockport
New guttering for semi detached house ans replace rotten wood
Down pipe blocked
Drainage & Guttering job 31 miles from Keighley in Swinton
Had gutters cleaned 1 month ago but the down pipe is blocked now and when it rains this is causing gutters to overflow over patio doors
New Drain pipe fitted
Drainage & Guttering job 38 miles from Keighley in Sheffield
Drain pipe fitted from roof to floor
Cast iron soil st replacing from ground level into bathroo
Drainage & Guttering job 29 miles from Keighley in Manchester
Old soil stack is in bad condition/damaged and needs replacing.
Porch gutter replacing to reroute into a rainwater drain.
Drainage & Guttering job 39 miles from Keighley in Golborne
The diversion of a porch rainwater pipe with new guttering to connect into a run that services a drain pipe and subsequently discharges into the public sewer.
Repair leaking gutter and reroof shed
Drainage & Guttering job 34 miles from Keighley in Tyldesley
Repair leaking gutter and reroof shed
Replace guttering and fascias
Drainage & Guttering job 41 miles from Keighley in Skelmersdale
Install pvc fascias and guttering on a bungalow
Removal of cast iron guttering, cleaning resurfaced & refit
Drainage & Guttering job 25 miles from Keighley in Wakefield
1935 bungalow wakefield. Cast iron gutter all round would like removing and cleaning. Guttering is tatty but solid no holes. Sand blasted or chemical dipped and then recoated or specialy painted And refitted. Timber barge boards etc seem in good condition but tatty, but would require inspection first. House size is 12m x12m with downpipes etc. If barge board need replacing at inspection then factored into price etc. Guttering and drainage is not fault just tatty. Lady would like job finishing smartly as is not making house look attractive. Job to be completed as soon as possible. Flat roof summerhouse reroof job also available at house. Contact is through family
Install 2 drain hoppers and aco draon
Drainage & Guttering job 45 miles from Keighley in Warrington
Two hoppers in rear of property are knackered and need replacing. Would also like aco drain fitted at rear wall of property.
Repair of guttering
Drainage & Guttering job 34 miles from Keighley in Stockport
In need of a repair of guttering and fixings
Reset facia board
Drainage & Guttering job 28 miles from Keighley in Manchester
I recently paid for new facia boards, since the work the existing problem has worsened as rain over flows the gutter resulting in a damp wall as water pours down brick work
Replacing guttering on conservatory
Drainage & Guttering job 36 miles from Keighley in Sale
Replace guttering on a large conservatory total length of guttering will be approximately 44ft
Repair of guttering following storm
Drainage & Guttering job 48 miles from Keighley in Prescot
replacement gutter and checking of the rest of the gutters