Chimneys & Fireplaces jobs in Keighley

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Chimneys & Fireplaces Jobs in Keighley (completed jobs only)

Remove chimney breast in living room etc
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 38 miles from Keighley in Sheffield
Remove chimney breast in living room. Plastered wall and floor area where chimney breast was removed.
remove chimney breast
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 36 miles from Keighley in Goldthorpe
remove chimnet breast from kitchen and bathroom above
Repair chimney stack.
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 37 miles from Keighley in Selby
Maybe need top couple of lairs of bricks removed and replaced
removal of 3 Art Deco fireplaces
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 28 miles from Keighley in Manchester
2 to be bricked plastered and skirting added. 1 oak mantle/hearth fitted.
Looking to remove a marble fireplace from a wall
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 173 miles from Keighley in Reading
Remove marble fireplace from lounge wall hopefully in one piece
remove air vent cap install pot and cowl
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 186 miles from Keighley in Herne Hill
remove air vent cap, install chimney pot and cowl
Fit 2 cowls on chimneys
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 174 miles from Keighley in Bath
Fir 2 cowls in 2 chimney pots
Corner chimney breast removal on ground and first floor
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 167 miles from Keighley in Watford
Corner chimney breast removal in living room,dinning room and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Would like an estimate of cost please?
remove chimney stack
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 76 miles from Keighley in Burton-on-Trent
remove stack and breast from top to bottom in bungalow......skim ceiling and wall behind breast
Point up and flash
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 150 miles from Keighley in Meldreth
Clean chimney. Point chimney. Do leed work on chimney.
Re-harl chimney
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 235 miles from Keighley in Inverurie
Harling cracked at top of chimney - remove harling, check block work and re-harl
Remove chimney
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 165 miles from Keighley in Bristol
Remove chimney from roof - chimney is unused and bricks look loose
Remove Log Burner
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 95 miles from Keighley in Birmingham
I would like to remove a log burner from the chimney. How much would something like this cost?
remove small amount of debris from chimney breast.
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 180 miles from Keighley in Pyle
When chimney was removed and capped off, debris wasn't removed. We now want to remove built in electric fire and there is debris being held up by a sagging board.Chimney sweeps wont touch as they are afraid they make cause more harm. The old gas flue came out easy so there is no compacted soot or bricks. It will have to be removed by hand, we are aware that it will be messy
Remove fireplace and brick up and plaster chimney
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 187 miles from Keighley in New Malden
Remove fireplace surround and hearth, brick up hole and plaster
External chimney needs dropping
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 165 miles from Keighley in St Albans
External chimney needs dropping. Chimney is above boiler, requires dropping @ 5 bricks and making good
Chimney pot and bird cage
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 208 miles from Keighley in East Grinstead
I need a chimney pot and bird cage put on my chimney top
Chimney repair
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 203 miles from Keighley in Smallfield
My chimney is leaking quite badly, can see the cracking on the cement
Fix the crown of my chimney
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 162 miles from Keighley in Grangemouth
Remove the broken crown on top of chimney amd reseal it as I don't use the chimney
Cap chimney
Chimneys & Fireplaces job 97 miles from Keighley in Nuneaton
The chimney needs capping to stop birds falling down