Electrical fitting jobs in Llandudno

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Electrical fitting Jobs in Llandudno (completed jobs only)

Rewire light switch 2 gang 2 way
Electrical fitting job 47 miles from Llandudno in Haydock
Re wire light switches 2 gang 2 way
porch light switch defective! operates from a double switch
Electrical fitting job 46 miles from Llandudno in Blackpool
The double switch operates the porch and hall lights. The hall light switch works fine but the porch light does not work when switched on and off. The problem seems to be with the double switch needing replacing.
Check wiring & install extra sockets in living room/kitchen.
Electrical fitting job 37 miles from Llandudno in Liverpool
This job is for immediate quote & start, if you are available!
Change lighting fixtures and move switches
Electrical fitting job 36 miles from Llandudno in Liverpool
4 bedroom detached house, built in the 1990s. A number of lighting fixtures are old and need to be replaced (approximately 5). Three of the switches for the lights are on the outside of the room in the hallway and we want to move them inside the room.
Put electric socket outside
Electrical fitting job 42 miles from Llandudno in Southport
Just to put electric sockets outside
Kitchen light
Electrical fitting job 33 miles from Llandudno in Wallasey
Hello can anyone fit a kitchen light reasonable rates ?
Replace electric shower
Electrical fitting job 45 miles from Llandudno in Saint Helens
Shower in downstairs shower room not getting power. It’s old and needs to be replaced.
3 bed house rewire
Electrical fitting job 30 miles from Llandudno in Mold
Need a complete rewire to house before we move in. The house is unoccupied and needs a basic pendant in each room (8 in total), 16 double sockets in total, an electric cooker point and new fuse board with certificate. We do not need any extra tv or phone sockets. Thanks
no lights working upstairs
Electrical fitting job 25 miles from Llandudno in Blaenau Ffestiniog
we have a fault on the upstairs lighting need someone to trace and repair
upgrade of electrics
Electrical fitting job 38 miles from Llandudno in Liverpool
Fuse box, shower wired, maybe more
Minor repair & safety check
Electrical fitting job 35 miles from Llandudno in Liverpool
Electrical safety check of 1 bedroom furnished flat. Repair to bathroom extractor fan. Repair/removal of to double wall socket.
House Rewire
Electrical fitting job 47 miles from Llandudno in Blackpool
Complete rewire to 4 bedroom terraced house.
2 wall heaters and door intercom not working
Electrical fitting job 69 miles from Llandudno in Manchester
2 wall heaters - that lay back to back on each side of a wall - will not turn on. This issue has occurred before and at that time, it was a broken wire to the main fuse box (close by). Also, the intercom buzzer doesn’t work in the upstairs unit but again, this happened before and the issue was a wire connecting to the fuse box.
Outdoor electrical assessment and repair
Electrical fitting job 227 miles from Llandudno in Chatham
We have outdoor electrics, fed through an 18mm cabling and in its own sour/box, which is now blowing. Also need new electrical system for other parts of garden
Replace isolator switch on hot tub
Electrical fitting job 116 miles from Llandudno in Hinckley
Corroded isolator switch feeding hot tub needs replacing
Power point to boiler dead so might need new wire
Electrical fitting job 64 miles from Llandudno in Salford
The switch to turn my boiler on not working. Think it might need a new wire.
double oven the lower part not working
Electrical fitting job 196 miles from Llandudno in Chiswick
It Siemens double oven it is working just before trying to change the connection by ammeter he did not know how to do it but the oven has no problem
1 half of a 2 plug socket is not working.
Electrical fitting job 109 miles from Llandudno in Nottingham
One half of a 2 plug socket requires repair.
Install 4 ceiling lights in a new house
Electrical fitting job 190 miles from Llandudno in Harrow
A wire with a light bulb is already there.
Replace shower switch
Electrical fitting job 209 miles from Llandudno in Portsmouth
Replace switch to shower in bathroom