Electrical fitting jobs in Stocksfield

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Electrical fitting Jobs in Stocksfield (completed jobs only)

Replace lighting
Electrical fitting job 2 miles from Stocksfield in Prudhoe
We need to replace 6 ceiling light fittings in the kitchen.
New socket
Electrical fitting job 8 miles from Stocksfield in Newcastle Upon Tyne
I have new electric freestanding fire and I need a new socket installed as lead is currently lying across the hearth
Electric shower
Electrical fitting job 5 miles from Stocksfield in Ryton
No power on panel just stopped working .
Isolate light fitting
Electrical fitting job 16 miles from Stocksfield in Wallsend
Have ceiling light problem with with rain water leaking threw .Light is on Front porch ,flat roof above it which is getting fixed next Tuesday so think need to isolate problem until then as have no overhead lighting also as fuse for lighting on same line as heating hot water Dont have them on at present time
storage heater replacement
Electrical fitting job 14 miles from Stocksfield in Gateshead
fit new storage heaters
Wiring for 2 no extractor fans
Electrical fitting job 18 miles from Stocksfield in Stannington
We have installed 2 x 150mm extractor fans with automatic timers and integrated shutters. One in a shower room and one in a utility room. We need someone to wire them up for us. The models are Manrose XF150AT.
Fit new socket bottom of stairs
Electrical fitting job 22 miles from Stocksfield in Durham
Fit new socket
2 wall heaters and door intercom not working
Electrical fitting job 103 miles from Stocksfield in Manchester
2 wall heaters - that lay back to back on each side of a wall - will not turn on. This issue has occurred before and at that time, it was a broken wire to the main fuse box (close by). Also, the intercom buzzer doesn’t work in the upstairs unit but again, this happened before and the issue was a wire connecting to the fuse box.
Replace isolator switch on hot tub
Electrical fitting job 168 miles from Stocksfield in Hinckley
Corroded isolator switch feeding hot tub needs replacing
Power point to boiler dead so might need new wire
Electrical fitting job 102 miles from Stocksfield in Salford
The switch to turn my boiler on not working. Think it might need a new wire.
double oven the lower part not working
Electrical fitting job 248 miles from Stocksfield in Chiswick
It Siemens double oven it is working just before trying to change the connection by ammeter he did not know how to do it but the oven has no problem
1 half of a 2 plug socket is not working.
Electrical fitting job 144 miles from Stocksfield in Nottingham
One half of a 2 plug socket requires repair.
Install 4 ceiling lights in a new house
Electrical fitting job 242 miles from Stocksfield in Harrow
A wire with a light bulb is already there.
Replace shower switch
Electrical fitting job 288 miles from Stocksfield in Portsmouth
Replace switch to shower in bathroom
Replace 4 ceiling light fittings
Electrical fitting job 105 miles from Stocksfield in Stockport
Four new ceiling light fittings to replace old fittings.
Bathroom vent fan installation
Electrical fitting job 105 miles from Stocksfield in Manchester
Remove the old fan and install a new fan I have purchased
need earth bonding for gas meter and water pipes
Electrical fitting job 105 miles from Stocksfield in Manchester
Need earth bonding work to the gas and/or water up to 18th edition standards.
Replace 2 ceiling mounted light fixtures
Electrical fitting job 211 miles from Stocksfield in Newmarket
Replace 2 ceiling mounted light fittings
Plugs and lights
Electrical fitting job 116 miles from Stocksfield in Macclesfield
3 new socket fronts. 2 new light switches. 1 new bathroom light. 2 new plugs in new kitchen. 1 socket and back box in bedroom.
uninstall electric cooker and install a diswaher in its plce
Electrical fitting job 253 miles from Stocksfield in Streatham Hill
There is an electric cooker to be removed and a dishwasher installed in place of it. It will be about 160 cms from the sink drain, The job will need a plumber too.