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Planning an extension - when to contact builder?

Early stages of thinking about an extension. When should I start looking for a builder? Right at the beginning, or after I have plans and permission etc..

Best Answer of 23 - 3rd Jan 2016

Anthony Rose
60 Reviews, 98% Positive
To get a more exact quote it is better to get builder in once you have planning and permissoion in place.
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Answer #2 - 22nd Nov 2015

You can contact a builder from beginning is better for you for his knowledge and he can help you to take the write decisions, plans, permission, etc.
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Answer #3 - 29th Feb 2016

ionut stefanov
0 Reviews
In my opinion is better to contact the builder after you have the planing permission, this way he will know exactly what he needs to do there, and is easier to give a quotation.
He will know how to plan his time, in many cases the planing permission takes up to 5-6 weeks, maybe more!
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Answer #4 - 12th Jan 2016

M.M Construction
7 Reviews, 100% Positive
I would get plans and permission first, if required
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Answer #5 - 21st Dec 2015

1 Reviews, 100% Positive
Right at the beginning. An experienced builder would be able to see things like drainage, building over or party wall problems that may not be apparent. Would also be able to give a budget price based on your ideas and vision of the extension.
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Answer #6 - 24th Nov 2015

2 Reviews, 100% Positive
once you have had the plans drawn up..... why.... as no builder will quote without detailed plans, alternatively some builders do the full package
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Answer #7 - 4th Mar 2016

0 Reviews
its a good idea to get your builder involved from the start and build a good working relationship with them.
hope this helps.
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Answer #8 - 2nd Dec 2015

right at the beginning. If the builder gets to know the customer and visa versa
and builds up a rapport. Alternatively, when you have plans and put the job to tender.
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Answer #9 - 4th Feb 2016

Ace Eng Solutions
0 Reviews
Once your drawings are completed, you can contact us. We can also provide you with all necessary drawings you required for council and building control. We provide a turn key solutions from design to completion.
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Answer #10 - 28th Apr 2016

AVM Building Ltd.
11 Reviews, 100% Positive
at the begining
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Answer #11 - 3rd Jan 2016

A&B Construction
1 Reviews, 100% Positive
Stage 1 speak to planning in your area they will let you know if planning is needed. Single story 6 x 5 metres may not need planning.
If planning needed then get drawings in asap planning could take 6-12 weeks. Once you know your extension is successful then look for good builder. You might find a company who will draw plans and then do everything else. (We do everything) Hope this useful.
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Answer #12 - 21st Jan 2016

gulfbuilder ltd
0 Reviews
we think after plan would be better
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Answer #13 - 31st Dec 2015

27 Reviews, 100% Positive
good idea to contact builders asap if they want to help then they are worth looking at some like my self can provide a start to finish service ie plans and permissions for me it depends on your location.
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Answer #14 - 11th Mar 2016

bigoakbuilding & handyman services
8 Reviews, 75% Positive
Probably best to wait till you have plans at least/ structural engineer report as builder will need this to provide a more accurate quote
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Answer #15 - 1st Jun 2016

you can contact builder after you have a drawings, so a builder can give you a quotation and recommendations if threes a mistakes on the plans
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Answer #16 - 17th Nov 2015

CM Prestige Heating & Plumbing Ltd
8 Reviews, 75% Positive
Contact the builder for ideas before you get planning.
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Answer #17 - 30th Jun 2016

For this type of job you'd be best thinking about what type of extension you want .get some ideas from a few builders when your sure you are having the extension .be careful who you use .once the jobs done get it checked by severe .
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Answer #18 - 5th Jul 2016

OSM Building Contractors
10 Reviews, 90% Positive
if you know of a good builder you should speak to him/her first.
they will be a lot of help for you in choosing how approach the project.
they would probably reccomend a architect for your plans /building notice and submission
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Answer #19 - 6th Dec 2016

Jmc property services
1 Reviews, 100% Positive
Plans and permission would be best
It would be better for a builder to know if it's on full planning or under a building notice
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Answer #20 - 19th May 2017

It really depends on what type of service and support you want from your builder. At The Extension Company Wales we offer a complete "Concept to Completion" service so the time to contact us is right at the very beginning. We will then take you through all the stages of your project from plans to planning consent, building control, the build process and finally completion. Other companies may not offer this service so the time to contact them would be once you have planning consent. This demonstrates that you are a serious customer and that it is worth them investing time in you and your project. If you are concerned about how much your project will cost prior to planning then a decent qualified architect should be able to give you a ball park figure during your initial conversations. I hope this helps and good luck with your project
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Answer #21 - 4th Jun 2017

MLH Building Services
2 Reviews, 100% Positive
Some companies do offer that service so they'll get the drawings and put in for planning permission if it's required for you but the majority of the time you'd do this yourself then once you've got them in place your builder can use the drawings / plans you've provided to price the job.
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Answer #22 - 31st Mar 2017

0 Reviews
Better start a conversation with the builder. He will tell you in which direction you need to move.
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Answer #23 - 22nd Apr 2017

D MCB Brickwork
3 Reviews, 100% Positive
You should start to contact builders as soon as you have your drawings and planning permission has been submitted, the builder will need your drawings to price your job

Cheers, Davie
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