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New plaster sanding

I have had walls plastered and most of it is ok but there are small areas down the edges which have been left quite rough. They are in the corners and about 1" wide and. I don't know how to deal with these. Should i mist coat first or sand them down first? I am not a diy natural ( am also a woman!)so i am quite stressed about trying anything.

Best Answer of 4 - 13th Nov 2017

Leedec services ltd
6 Reviews, 100% Positive
Sand back smooth,mist coat then if there still not perfect use decorator's caulk that will fill the void that your plasterer has left unfortunately.
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Answer #2 - 21st Nov 2017

Daniel Soos
3 Reviews, 100% Positive
You can try to sand it down with 80 sanding paper.
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Answer #3 - 27th Nov 2017

Jmc property services
1 Reviews, 100% Positive
It sounds like the plasterer had not brushed the edges in.
Try filling the holes with a filler and then sand them down
You should be ok then
If painting the walls make sure your first coat of paint is watered down also
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Answer #4 - 9th Dec 2017

Danny Curtis Building Service
1 Reviews, 100% Positive
Hi personally I would just give them a good rub down before any painting starts hope this helps Danny.
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